All You need to Know About Swim Buoy Dry Bags: Why You Should Get One

All You need to Know About Swim Buoy Dry Bags: Why You Should Get One

It is always (in whatever sports you do) important to have the correct equipment with you to make it a more enjoyable, and safe, experience. 

Nowadays, outdoor swimmers bring a swim buoy or swim buoy dry bag when they are going to take part in an open water adventure. These swim accessories are essential as it increases visibility in the water thereby giving you peace of mind and confidence, especially if you are a beginner. 

Swim Buoy Dry Bag

While the swim buoy does a great job in keeping you visible in the water, a dry bag swim buoy keeps your valuables dry and moisture-free, making it an ideal accessory for swimmers to keep in their car, bike or boat.  

How does a Swim Buoy Dry Bag Work?

A swim buoy dry bag is designed to be a flexible holder that keeps its contents dry. These bags have a plastic stiffening type blade at the top to enable the bag to tightly shut when rolled. This enables the bag to remain watertight and sealed.


High-quality swim buoy dry bags are made of strong, lightweight material that allows you to comfortably take them around with you wherever you go. It also, like a swim buoy, provides visibility when used in the water. 

Are Swim Buoy Dry Bags really waterproof?

Swim buoy dry bags are waterproof swim accessories and are ideal if you are worried about rain, splashing, or going for a swim in open water.  They will ensure that the contents of your bag remain dry. 

Can a Swim Buoy Dry Bag float? 

Yes. All you need to do is to make sure there is plenty of air inside before you seal it shut.  

Can you swim with a Swim Buoy Dry Bag? 

Swim buoy dry bags are great for all types of swimming. The swim buoy dry bag enables you to store your clothes and belongings with you whilst you swim thereby enabling you to put them on straightaway when you exit the water at either the same place you entered the water or indeed a different exit. 

Another great feature of a swim buoy dry bag or swim buoy is that it can help you take a break from swimming and let you float around, allowing you to regain energy to keep swimming in the open waters. 

swim buoy dry bag

What can I put in my Swim Buoy Dry Bag? 

Your swim buoy dry bag is one of the most important swim accessories you can have because it allows you to keep your valuables and electronics safe and dry. If you're planning to put things into your swim buoy dry bag, consider putting in some extra dry clothes, towels, your wallet, phone, drinking water, and other essentials.  

20 litre dry bag
20 Litre Swim Buoy Dry Bag 


28 litre swim buoy dry bag
28 Litre Swim Buoy Dry Bag


35 litre Swim Buoy Dry Bag35 Litre Swim Buoy Dry Bag 

50 litre swim buoy dry bag50 Litre Swim Buoy Dry Bag


If you're looking to buy new swimming gear, you need to ensure you have your swim buoy dry bag and swim buoy with you. Your swim buoy dry bag can safely keep all your essentials, and your swim buoy can keep you safe and visible in the water. If you're planning to invest in swimming accessories, it's best to start with these two accessories. 

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