About Us

Swim Secure is your PREMIER source for top-quality open water dry-bags and tow-floats. Our products are trusted by skilled swimmers to enhance visibility in open water. From open water swimmers and triathletes to families and enthusiasts of all levels, Swim Secure® caters to your outdoor swimming needs.

The idea of creating brightly coloured floats to increase the visibility of open water swimmers was introduced to the UK by Colin Hill when he developed the first Swim Secure Tow Floats/Swim Buoys in 2012. 

Colin is a world renowned award winning open water swimmer and was the first British man to swim the Ice Mile, back in 2008.  He is an Honoree of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame  and the International Ice Swimming Hall of Fame.  In 2020 he was the technical swimming director for the London Olympics Open Water Swimming events.

He continues to  champion open water swimming and has helped to develop the entire range of Swim Secure floats and dry bags to keep all swimmers visible in open water and to provide support to help them feel secure as they push their personal boundaries of endurance swimming.

Swim Secure products are suitable for use by professional open water swimmers, triathletes, recreational swimmers, families and everyone in between.   

They continue to be used by International seasoned open water swimmers everywhere. Swim Secure products are the original and quite frankly, still the best.