Best Waterproof Bag for Swimming

Best Waterproof Bag for Swimming

Our Swim Secure guide will help you decide which of our waterproof fanny packs, phone bags and dry bags is the perfect one for you. Our fantastic range of waterproof bags are perfect for paddle boarders, open water swimmers, surfers and all types of water sports. 


Keep your belongings safe and dry in our IPX8 rated Waterproof Bum Bag. The bag has a triple-seal top - simply seal this from one side to the other then fold it over, securing it with the velcro flap. The IPX8 rating means this can be submerged below water for prolonged periods of time and the contents will remain dry. 

We always recommend testing your waterproof bum bag before use. Put some tissue paper inside and hold under water before checking to see if any water has seeped in. You will need to ensure the seals are closed all the way across for the bum bag to be fully waterproof. 

The bum bag has a fully adjustable waist belt, secure buckle and is available in pink,  orange and black. 

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Need to keep your smart phone, keys or credit cards protected in a wet environment? The Swim Secure Protective Phone Bag is a clear case - allowing you to use your smart phone while it is inside the bag. 

The protective phone bag is suitable for use in wet environments for short periods of time and is not designed for prolonged submersion. We suggest this is ideal for putting in your dry bag or to take with you when you go walking. The phone bag has an adjustable lanyard so it can be worn around the neck. 

protective phone bag

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Our Dry Bag Swim Buoy has been specially designed so that you can take your kit swimming with you, with the added benefit of keeping you visible to other water users. Place your gear in the bag and inflate the surrounding chambers, then tow it while you swim using the waist belt and leash. 

The Dry Bags comes in Small (20 litres), Medium (28 litres), Large (35 litres) and Extra Large (50 litres).  Our 28 litres Dry Bag comes in high visibility Citrus, Orange and Pink.  

To make the Dry Bag waterproof, place your kit inside then fold the top over three times to the guideline on the back. Then buckle the two sides of the folds together, making it waterproof. 

waterproof swimming dry bag
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Our Wild Swim Bag Swim Buoy is an innovatively designed inflatable dry bag like the dry bag swim buoy above but with adjustable shoulder straps, waist and chest straps.  It's size is 30 Litres and is ideal for heading off for a hike or run and then you can remove the shoulder, waist and chest straps and place them inside the bag so that you can use it as a swim buoy/tow float. 
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