Earplugs : one of the most overlooked pieces of swimming equipment

Earplugs : one of the most overlooked pieces of swimming equipment

Earplugs are a must-have in every swimmer's kit bag, yet this unassuming accessory is often overlooked.

Wearing earplugs offers several advantages beyond preventing the discomfort of water becoming trapped in your ears. They play a vital role in safeguarding your ear health and preserving your hearing, especially if you're a regular swimmer.

Extended exposure to water significantly increases the likelihood of ear infections, a condition commonly referred to as Swimmer's Ear. This infection is typically caused by the intrusion of bacteria into the ear canal during swimming, whether indoors or outdoors. If left untreated, ear infections can escalate into severe complications that prove challenging to remedy.

For open water swimmers, there exists a less common but tangible risk known as exostosis, or Surfer's Ear. This condition results from prolonged exposure to icy winds and cold water. Over time, these harsh environmental elements can lead to the formation of bony growths in the ear canal, eventually obstructing it and causing substantial hearing loss.

Despite our passion for swimming, it's not worth jeopardizing our hearing by neglecting the use of earplugs. You can opt for custom-made plugs, but these options can be quite expensive. There are more budget-friendly alternatives available on the market.

Additionally, consider the extra layer of protection provided by wearing a swim cap or a neoprene hat in combination with earplugs to further enhance the safeguarding of your ears.

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