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Why You Should Always Wear a Swim Cap When Swimming Outdoors

Going for an open water swim means you need the right swimming gear to ensure visibility and safety. Besides a wetsuit, swim buoy and goggles, a swim cap is necessary. As some caps can be uncomfortable they are not used that often.  Also some people believe that it is only used to keep hair completely dry. To learn more about its importance, here are some reasons why a swim cap should be included in your open water swimming kit:

Protects Hair and Ears

    Swimming in the sea can cause your hair to become dry and brittle.  This is due to sea salt containing various elements such as chloride, magnesium, and sodium. The salt is also hygroscopic, which means it attracts more water to your hair. As it forms more salt crystals to your crowning glory and reduces the crosslinks between cysteine bonds, it makes your hair more fragile.

    For those with bleached or dyed hair seawater can worsen their hair’s condition as it has already been chemically altered. Saltwater contains hygroscopic properties that take away moisture from the hair.

    A swim cap won’t keep the hair completely dry but it can protect the hair from chemical and sun damage. It can also help keep your earplugs in your ear preventing water from getting stuck in the ears.  

    Maintains a Healthy Body Temperature
      Maintaining a warmer body temperature while open water swimming is essential. Wearing a swim cap contains body heat. Swimming caps (especially ones madeof latex or silicon) keeps the head and ears warm in colder water
      Bubble Swim Cap
      Promotes Faster Swimming 

        Wearing a swim cap keeps the hair out of the water, reducing drag and preventing the hair strands from weighing you down. It also makes the head hydrodynamic when moving through the water.
        Make sure to wear a swim cap that fits you properly to avoid wrinkling and from sliding off.  Also decreases headaches!

        Improves Visibility

          When swimmers get in the water they almost all look the same.  There are more risks in open water swimming than swimming in a pool so it is important to take more safety precautions. Wearing a swim cap makes it easier for lifeguards and other swimmers to spot you. Choose a brightly coloured swim cap so that you stand out against the backgrounds of blues, greens, and browns.


          We always recommend that when swimming outdoors you should wear a high visibility swim cap.  It can make the difference between getting into accidents or saving your life.  Be safer be seen buy a swim cap today. 

          At Swim Secure, we offer swim caps made of silicone. It comes in a bubble design that provides better comfort and an added layer of insulation. 

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