Why You Should Wear a Swim Buoy/Dry Bag When Wild Swimming

Why You Should Wear a Swim Buoy/Dry Bag When Wild Swimming

If you are you swimming outdoors more or indeed wanting to this year then prioritising your safety is important. No matter how fun outdoor swimming can be, the open waters are still part of the wilderness and should be regarded with caution.

One way to ensure you’re swimming safely is wearing a highly visible tow buoy. Below you will find out what a tow buoy is and why it’s necessary to bring it with you on your next outdoor swim.

Before Anything Else, What's a Swim Buoy?

A swim buoy/tow float is a brightly coloured inflatable buoy attached to your body through a waistband and leash. As you swim, it floats behind you out of arm's reach, making you more visible to others in the nearby area, especially boats and jet skis.

tow float swim buoySwim buoys come in a variety of styles — from the typical single use inflatable to a swim buoy that doubles as a dry bag for storing valuables or even clothes.  You may also use a swim buoy as a pillow to lean on and enjoy the sunshine while you wait for other swimmers to catch up.

Besides these practical benefits, swim buoys can also provide several other advantages.

Storing Essentials

Swim buoys/Dry Bags make great floating containers for your belongings. Swim buoys dry bag floats are available in various sizes. They can be just big enough for a phone and your keys, which are the most popular for everyday swims. They can also be big enough for all your clothes, a towel, and a few snacks, ideal if you're performing a one-way swim.

Dry Bag

A tow donut swim buoy can also serve as a holder for your waterproof phone bag, allowing you to call for help instead of relying on waving or shouting for assistance.


Improving Visibility in Open Water

Other water users and sea crafts, such as jet skis or small boats, will find it hard to see you until the very last moment. This can be dangerous, especially if there's a little amount of waves between you and them. While experts always recommend wearing a bright swim cap, a swim buoy adds a crucial layer of visibility and helps you to quickly see other swimmers if you're in a group.

Providing Support and Rest

Although a swim buoy is not a buoyancy aid, it can be terrific support when you're tired or have unexpected cramp. If you need a break you can lean on your swim buoy as you catch your breath. You can also hug it and float along while chatting with other members of your swim group.

Wild Swim Bag
Wild Swim Buoy

Some swimmers feel that swim buoys will slow them down or get in the way.  A high quality swim buoy will produce minimal drag and will not obstruct your stroke. You won't even realise your swim buoy is there most of the time.  Suggestion: Why not try a small one if you haven't tried swimming with one yet.  

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