A Guide to Swim Buoys

A Guide to Swim Buoys

Have you seen swim buoys when outdoor swimming but still not sure about them? This is where our guide will help explain to you what they are for and help you find the best swim buoy for wherever you are swimming. 

All our swim buoys are highly visible and are towed behind the swimmer while they swim, connecting to a belt that clips around the waist. They float above the small of the back, out of the way of arms and legs. Some of our floats are just for visibility and may include an external storage area - these are Swim Buoy Tow Floats. Others have an internal waterproof storage compartment - these are Swim Buoy Dry Bags. 

Below we go through each swim buoy to help you decide which one you need for your swim. 


Our Classic Swim Buoy is available in bright orange or pink and with two separate inflation chambers, it is perfect if you just need to be seen in the water. 

tow float

If you are looking for something slightly bigger or to share in a group our Tow Float ProSwim Buoy does everything that the classic buoy does but is larger and has an external grab rope. This means it can be used by other swimmers nearby making it great for guides, groups or nervous swimmers. 

If you need visibility but also quick access to smaller items that can get wet, then try the Swim Buoy Tow Float Elite. Similar to the Swim Buoy Tow Float Pro, it also includes an external mesh pocket that can store nutritional gels and small water bottles. Those going for longer swims find this useful for quick access to a snack or a drink.  

Tow Float Elite

If you need to keep things dry then the Swim Buoy Tow Donut, a swim buoy with a little dry bag in the middle of the ring. This waterproof storage area is ideal for keys, a phone, small water bottle and snack. As the dry bag is external you can access it while in the water, making this buoy a great all rounder and one of our biggest sellers. 


Unlike Swim Buoy Tow Floats, all of our Swim Buoy Dry Bags have an internal waterproof storage compartment so that you can take kit with you while you swim. You put your belongings in the bag first, roll down the top three times, clip it together then inflate the surrounding air chambers. 

dry bag storage

Our orange Swim Buoy Dry Bags are available in four sizes: Small 20 litres, Medium, 28 litres, Large 35 litres and Extra Large 50 litres. The 20L and 28L are the most popular and are fine for carrying basic kit like flip flops, a microfibre towel, shorts and t-shirts. For a full change of clothes and bulkier items the larger 35L and 50L Swim Buoy Dry Bags are more appropriate. 

You can see what kit we managed to fit in each bag in our Swim Buoy Dry Bag Size Guide

Our popular 28 litre Dry Bag is also available in vibrant pink and eye-catching citrus . We also have a Window version of the 28L Dry Bag featuring a clear plastic pocket on the front for a phone. The screen sits so tightly against the window that the touch screen can be used while in the water, making this ideal for those that like to track their swims or are using a phone for navigation. 

Our Swim Buoy Wild Swim Bag is ideal for an adventure over land and sea. This 30L Swim Buoy Dry Bag has removable shoulder straps which turns it into a comfortable back pack on land. When you need to swim, remove and stow the straps and tow it like a standard Dry Bag. 

wild swim bag out of water

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