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Tow Float Pro Swim Buoy

Tow Float Pro Swim Buoy

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Take your open water swimming to the next level with the Tow Float PRO, designed to keep groups visible and safe in any aquatic adventure. With its larger size compared to the classic Tow Float, the PRO offers exceptional visibility, making it an essential companion for open water swimmers seeking extra assurance.

Equipped with a perimeter grab rope, this float becomes a lifeline in situations where assistance is needed. Perfect for pairs or groups, the Tow Float PRO ensures that you can easily support and guide each other, promoting a sense of camaraderie and safety in the water.

The hydrodynamic shape of the Tow Float PRO is specially crafted to minimize drag while optimizing lateral visibility. Glide through the water effortlessly, enjoying the freedom of movement without compromising on safety.

Safety is paramount, which is why the Tow Float PRO incorporates a dual airbag system. With two separate inflation chambers, you can swim with confidence, knowing that even in the unlikely event of one chamber failing, the other will keep you afloat. We've got your back, ensuring that you're always protected.

The Tow Float PRO includes a dedicated section for emergency contact details, providing crucial information readily accessible to assist in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Prioritize safety and be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Crafted with lightweight materials, the Tow Float PRO adds minimal drag to your swim, allowing you to maintain your natural rhythm and speed. The one-way valves ensure easy inflation and deflation, simplifying your pre and post-swim routines.

When deflated, the Tow Float PRO measures a compact 48cm x 32cm, making it easily portable and convenient to carry. The adjustable leash and waist strap guarantee a secure and comfortable fit, accommodating a wide range of body sizes and preferences.

Elevate your open water swimming experience with the Tow Float PRO, your trusted companion for group visibility and safety. Discover the freedom of swimming together while ensuring everyone's well-being in the water.

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